"Promise to yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To be too wise for worry, too tolerant for anger, and too courageous for fear. To be happy." - Author Unknown -

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Strong Return

Today was a strong return to weight lifting for me.  I suffered a pretty bad injury and have not touched a weight in over a month. It will be even longer before I can return to doing squats and deadlifts again but I will work on what the doctor cleared me for, upper body. So today I wanted to find out where I was strength wise for a few exercises I want to incorporate. Today was like a chest/shoulder/tricep day. Here it is:

Legs Up Pause Bench
135x 10
225x 6
275x 6
295x 6
315x 6

Seated Shoulder Press
135x 10
185x 5
225x 5
185x 5, 10

Seated French Press
45x 20
95x 10
135x 8, 6
155x 6

That was it.  I finished off with some cardio but no ab work due to the neck/back injury. I minimized all stress on the spine by benching with my feet in the air and doing my tricep work seated. I have no pain and was surprised at the strong workout after a month layoff. 

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Squat/Deadlift Strength Conditioning

Front Squat
135x 8
225x 5
315x 2
405x 8
455x 3
*bar rolled on 2nd rep, could've done 5

Top Deadlifts
225x 3
315x 3
405x 3
495x 3
585x 1
635x 2 very tough
455x 8 off plate

Decline Sit Ups
BW + 15 x 3 x 15

This was all I had the energy for today. I was and am completely spent. Andy Bolton said when he switched to doing both squats and deadlifts on the same day he use to throw up and get sick to his stomach after every workout for 4 weeks or so. Today was the first time I ever felt that way. The top deadlifts are done starting at the top which gives you a negative and a lot of kinetic energy making the bottom very easy and the top very hard. I am weak at the top so this went well. Back to no equipment squats and stiff leg deadlifts next week. I will have to find time next week to do an upper back workout. 

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bench Press Strength Conditioning Week 3

Pause Bench Press
135x 2 x 6
225x 6
315x 3
365x 8 - all time PR for pause bench
405x 3 - ties all time best for pause bench

Seated Hammer Curls
45x 3 x 12

Tricep Extensions
115x 6
155x 3
105x 3 x 6 paused, wide grip

Seated Rows
5x 100-195 x 8-12

A big PR for me today with the 365x 8 paused reps. My front delts and outer pec muscles get really sore after my bench workouts so I dropped the narrow grips and went to an isolation exercise with the extensions. The close grip seemed to irritate my wrist so I tried a wide grip. these were different and left my triceps feeling good and pumped. The seated rows however caused quite a bit of discomfort in my injured shoulder. 

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Squat/Deadlift Training

Front Squat
135x 8
225x 6
315x 4
405x 6(could've done 8)
425x 6

Stiff Leg Deadlift
135x 2 x 3
225x 3
315x 3
365x 3
415x 5

5x 270-500 x 20

Decline Sit Ups
15x2 x 15, 10x 12

Standing Abs

This was a really fun workout. I had been itching to do front squats for awhile now plus it took stress of my bicep/shoulder. Hit a very strong 405x 6 then a medium difficulty 425x 6. Will do 2 sets with 425. Did still leg deadlifts ala John Hudson. The only difference was I keep my head facing my feet till lockout. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Squat/Bench Training

Squat - high bar, no equipment
135x 8
225x 5
315x 5
405x 1
495x 8
down sets
405x 3 x 8

Pause Bench Press
135x 10, 6
225x 6
335x 8
down sets - 5 second pause on each rep
275x 3 x 8

H Rolls

Decline Sit Ups

Another solid workout tonight. The squats were easy but by the 3rd down set I was feeling more then a little fatigued. The bench was real nice, 335 was surprisingly easy. Heavy deadlifts/back on Friday or Saturday. I am breaking deads out b/c it is the lift that needs the most work at this time.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big Workout

Had a great workout today! Here it is:

High Bar Squats(no equipment)
135x 8
225x 6
315x 3
405x 1
485x 8
down sets
435x 5
415x 5
395x 5

Pause Bench Press
225x 6
315x 3
365x 6!!! add wrist wraps
down sets(no equipment)
315x 8
295x 8
275x 8

225x 3
315x 2
405x 1
435x 8 EASY!!
down sets( stiff leg deads)
345x 5
365x 5
385x 5

Decline Sit Ups

7 sets total

This was a great workout. I can say that the deadlifts are what surprised me the most. I really did them like there was 135 on the bar. No bouncing either. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Squat Test

135x 5
225x 5
315x 5
405x 1
495x 1 add belt
585x 1 belt & light knee wraps
675x 1 same EASY!!!
405x 2 x 5

Lying Leg Curls
55x 12
95x 12

Finished up with some abs and called it a day. This was the first time since July that I had to walk the weight out and setup. I also did all these squats ass to heels as opposed to having someone call my depth at just breaking the plane. In other words, this was an IPF legal squat. I am very happy with this lift and will setup my next cycle based off a 675 max so that I can leave some room to build.